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Dulwich Park Works resized



MGJV/Thames Water have given us the following update on the flood works in Dulwich Park.




Project Milestones
Dulwich Park
  • East Lawns area complete. Topsoil reinstatement due by 27 August 2014
  • Open footpath rear of bowling green 15 August 2014
  • Start construction west lawns 11-08-14
  • Open carriage Drive 25 September 2014
  • Carrier Drain complete 08 October 2014
·North bund by bowling green Zone 3  100% complete
·Storage tank No 1 (adjacent bowling green Zone 4 )55% complete
·Children’s Playground Bund Zone 1  100% complete
·450mm Carrier Drain 45% complete
·Footpath construction rear of bowling green 80% complete
·Retention wall 50% complete.

Planning permission for the flood alleviation project in Dulwich Park, Belair Park and the Dulwich Sports Ground was granted at Southwark's planning committee meeting which ended after midnight on the 25th March.  The work will start very soon. 

Some members of the committee of the Park Friends attended the meeting as well as two local residents, one representing the Dulwich Society.  Representations were made to try to ensure that the plans would take into account the residual concerns of the Park Friends' Committee.  These included adequate drainage being installed and maintained adjacent to the bunds, and establishing a baseline level of water in the lake at the current level, below which the water will not be lowered. 

The planners have always emphasized that construction will be organised to minimize disruption.  The construction phase is expected to last approximately six months. Access to the site will be via Queen Mary's Gate with the construction compound located along the access road.  Pedestrian access through Queen Mary's Gate will be maintained.  Dedicated footpaths will be installed on a temporary basis to maintain access within the Park when works are affecting the footpaths. 

We advise everyone using the Park to be vigilant, as inevitably there will be increased traffic on the perimeter road.  The playground will be shut for several weeks during construction of the adjacent bund.


037A Tribute to Stella Benwell, 1921 - 2014

Stella was on the Dulwich Park Friends’ Committee for over 15 years and even after she retired (aged 90 of course!) we would still seek her advice. She had a lifelong interest in wildlife initially encouraged by her parents who were keen birders.  

One of Stella’s great achievements was the copse planted in 2007 after a donation from the Dulwich Village Preservation Society – in less than 7 years we have a shady native woodland at the edge of the park instead of the ‘green desert’.

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Planning Application Dulwich Park 13/AP/4517

The following is the formal response by the Committee of the Friends of Dulwich Park to the request for planning permission for the construction of flood alleviation defences in Dulwich Park.

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Dulwich Park Fair has been cancelled this year due to the Flood Alleviation Project planned to take place in the Park between April to October 2014.  Whilst not wanting to pre-empt planning permission which is still outstanding, a decision on the Fair has had to be made now.

This decision was not taken lightly but the schedule for the £3.8m flood alleviation works, which seeks to protect close to 200 properties in Dulwich from surface water and sewer flooding, means that some areas of the Park will not be accessible whilst construction works take place, making it too difficult to hold the Fair.

Please look at the link for the planning application documents to get an idea of the scale of the works, and in consequence, the inevitable disruption:



The application for planning permission for the construction of flood defences in Dulwich Park, Belair Park and the Southwark Community Sports Trust Grounds  has now been submitted. 
 The deadline for comments is 5th of February 2014! 

Details of the application, plans and other documents submitted with it can be seen on the planning applications register page on the council's website at www.southwark.gov.uk

If you wish to comment on the proposals, they request you use the 'Planning - comment on a planning application' form available at https://forms.southwark.gov.uk.

If you wish to discuss the plans in detail, or need clarification, you are advised to contact the case officer 0n 020 7525 1778.


Flooding Dulwich Park Resized 250Southwark Council has prepared a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment which identifies certain areas, including Herne Hill and Turney Road, as being at risk from flooding by both sewer and ground water.  (This initiative began long before the recent burst main on Half Moon Lane.)  The drains in the area have insufficient capacity to cope with severe rainstorms, which are becoming more common as a result of climate change.
It has produced plans to make structural alterations to both Dulwich and Belair Parks to allow the retention of water in the parks during severe storms, with the water being allowed to drain slowly through the drainage system once the storm is over.


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Southwark Council has finally announced the successful artist in its competition for a new work for Dulwich Park, to replace the stolen Hepworth bronze Two Forms (Divided Circle).

The chosen work is Three Perpetual Chords by Conrad Shawcross, comprising three iron sculptures which the artist describes as "visual descriptions of musical chords”, reflecting the mathematical patterns in music   The illustration shown is a computer-generated image of one of the three pieces, which ascend in complexity.  The likely timetable should see the work installed in late summer 2014.

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parking 20130826 1052377090Cars parked on a busy SundaySouthwark Council has undertaken a consultation on whether there should be parking enforcement in the park.

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htoh mct 20121123 1296030432Homage to HepworthAlmost a year has passed since the brutal theft of Hepworth's Two Forms (Divided Circle) from Dulwich Park overnight on 19th/20th December 2011.

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Southwark Council have issued a press release with details of the shortlisted artists for the commissioning of a new artwork for Dulwich Park following the theft of Barbara Hepworth's Two Forms in December 2011

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The month of May sees the park graduate from the lush greens of spring into awesome displays of colour.

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stik 20120518 1879275888Stik artYou may have noticed the recent works in Dulwich by street artist Stik – there are two in Court Lane.

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Matthew Gilbey
Some of you will remember Matthew Gilbey, who was apprenticed to Head Gardener Ric Glenn.

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Two Forms by Barbara HepworthThe theft of the Hepworth sculpture 'Two Forms' has united diverse groups of people who would not otherwise have had cause to work together. DPF is planning an exhibition about the sculpture to take place during the Dulwich Park Festival Fair (see below) in a marquee near the site from which the piece was stolen.

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Bark damage from dogsThe park is suffering from a worrying phenomenon, the incidence of which is on the increase: dogs ripping the bark from trees.

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