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Two Forms by Barbara HepworthTwo Forms by Barbara HepworthThe theft of the Hepworth sculpture 'Two Forms' has united diverse groups of people who would not otherwise have had cause to work together. DPF is planning an exhibition about the sculpture to take place during the Dulwich Park Festival Fair (see below) in a marquee near the site from which the piece was stolen.

The base of missing sculptureThe base of missing sculptureA number of artists are already involved, with many ideas put forward. If you have any photographs of the sculpture, ideas for the exhibition (such as work inspired by the Hepworth), or technical expertise (sound recording, website creation, electronic displays etc), please contact us.

Southwark organised a public meeting on 19 March to hear people's views about replacing the Hepworth.  Following that meeting, they established a steering group comprising representatives of Dulwich Park Friends, Dulwich Society and Dulwich Picture Gallery, alongside Southwark's public art officer and a Southwark cabinet member.  

For Dulwich Park Fair on 20 May, the Friends have organised a marquee on the Hepworth site for a small exhibition about the artist and the stolen piece, Two Forms.  A representative of Southwark will be present to canvass views on a list of options that the steering group will draw up. 


Below is a gallery of images of the Hepworth sculpture. To see a larger image click on the thumbnail.

Images courtesy of Gai Cooper, Trevor Moore, Adam Kimberley, Mike Graham, Sara Luder and Alex Hamilton.