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 Will Walpole

Contracts and Services Manager

020 8693 8635 (office)
07940 457592 (mobile)

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Robert Roach

Contracts and Services Officer

020 8693 8635

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Ciro deLucia

Park Liaison Officer
07908 767784

 Southwark Wardens

020 7740 1665 (weekends)


 Dulwich Park Friends

07967 000546 (mobile)

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Clearing the rivuletAs intended, on 15 November (a mercifully sunny day) a volunteer group from the Royal Bank of Scotland helped begin the major task of clearing the rivulet of duckweed.

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Dulwich Park Friends came up with the idea for an outdoor gym in the park to enable adults and young people (11+) to have as much fun in the park as children in the playground.

The equipment was installed in 2010 after DPF received a grant of £20,000 from Southwark's Cleaner, Greener, Safer funding and it has proved very popular with park users.

Over 500,000 bulbs have been planted by volunteers from the Dulwich Park Friends Dig the Park campaign since October 2007. These include crocus, scylla, camassia, colchicum and daffodils. £4,000 was raised by a grant from Dulwich Community Council, Dulwich Society and DPF's own funds.

The Village Copse was planted at the northern end of the West Lawns, close to the Francis Peek Centre, in January 2006. The Dulwich Village Preservation Society donated £10,750 to create the copse and it was designed by two DPF committee members, Stella Benwell and David Nicholson-Lord. 20 oaks, 1,000 native tree whips and 5,000 bluebells were planted by TRUE (The Trust for Urban Ecology) to commemorate the Society.

Greening the Park was a campaign to convert the contractors' yard at College Gate into a car park so the park could be traffic-free - at the time, cars could drive all around the Carriage Drive and park indiscriminately, which spoilt people's the enjoyment of the park.

The campaign was launched in May 2001 with a traffic-free Fun Day, which showed how peaceful the park could be without traffic. Over 1000 laps of the park were completed by cyclists, runners and pram-pushers. Local councillors, Tessa Jowell MP and local headteachers all gave their support, and over 1,000 signatures were presented to Southwark Council.

We worked with the Council on the scheme and proposals for the disabled and elderly to continue to access the park. Dulwich Park Friends raised £20,000 towards the new car park, which was opened in October 2003.

In 1998 Dulwich Park Friends started a campaign for a playground in the park by collecting a petition of over 750 signatures and presenting a deputation to Southwark Council. Fundraising by the Friends produced £20,000.

After a user survey and public consultation on designs, Phase 1 of the playground was completed in June 1999. 300 questionnaires were sent 11-16 year olds in local schools which indicated very poor facilities for this age group in Southwark. We made a second deputation to the Council and Phase 2 was designed.

The Friends raised a further £35,000 from applications to grant trusts and Phase 2 was completed in July 2000.

The Winter Garden, near the Court Lane Gate, was designed by Prof. Isaac Marks and Stella Benwell and planted by volunteers from the Walworth Garden Farm in November 2001. It was created to add winter interest to the park. Dulwich Park Friends raised £4,000 for the project.